Arulmigu Mariamman Temple, Irukangudi

   About 400 years before a girl placed her basket down while cleaning this place with cow dung. When she tried to move the basket it got struck to that place, as she tried frantically to move it, a crowd gathered around her. Goddess Mariamman entered into the body of the small girl and indicated that her sculpture is buried here. She ordered them to dig the place to bring out the sculpture and consecrate it.

   As ordered the priests digged the place and brought out the sculpture but they placed it in the temple inside the city. Three days later Goddess Mariamman again entered the body of the girl and directed them to shift her sculpture back to the place where it was found, A temple was established at the place where the sculpture was found. To commemorate.

   This event every year a festival is celebrated for 3 days. On the last Friday of Aadi month, Urchavar figure of Goddess Mariamman is mounted on Idabavahana at Urchavar Temple and visit Arjuna river. From here Goddess is taken to Moolavar temple. The next day she returns to Urchavar temple.

Temple History