Official Website of Arulmigu Mariamman Temple, Irukangudi


   Arulmigu Mariamman Temple is located at Irukkangudi about 8 km East of Sathur on Thiruchendur Highway via Vilathikulam from Trichy, Madurai and Virudhunagar.

Isthala Puranam

   This temple is located between the two rivers Vaipparu and Arjuna. As two Ganges meet here it got its name Irukkangudi. River Arjuna flowing in the Northern part of this temple originates at Mahalinga hills known as Vathira Iruppu hills in the west. According to “Thiruthankal Temple Lore” once upon a time when Pancha Pandavas came here, Arjuna prayed to Goddess Ganga and split the earth with 'Varunakanai'(arrow) forming a river. The river formed as a result came to be known as Arjuna river.

   River Vaipparu flows in the Southern part of this temple. According to Uthira Kandam of Epic Ramayana. A hunter named Sambukan indulged in deep penance amidst fire in the Northern part of Sivasailam at the foot of Podhigai hills. As a result a Brahman died at Ayodhi. Sri Raman, king of Ayodya killed Sambukan and brought back the Brahman to life.

   Lord Rama had commited sin by killing a person doing penance. He got relieved from the curse by worshipping Lord Siva in Siva malai hills. After this Lord.

   Rama along with his retinue reached western Ghats region situated between Vasudeva Nallur and Puliangudi. After searching vainly for water, Lord Rama was told about the pot containig sacred rivers buried by Sage Agasthiyar. Lord Rama broke the pot with his arrow and formed a river. As it was formed form Vaippu(Treasure) it came to be known as Vaipparu. It flows through Karivalam Vantha Nallur, Sathur and Kollappati and reaches Irrukkangudi where it mixes with Arjuna river and drains into sea via Muthalapuram and Viathikulam. River Vaipparu formed by Rama and river Arjuna formed by Arjuna are the Holy water points of this temple.

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