Arulmigu Mariamman Temple, Irukangudi

Tourist Places:

Forest and wildlife :Shenbagathope Grizelled Squirrel Sanctuary

    The forests are found on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. Only 6.3% of the total geographical area is under forests. Many rare and endemic varieties of flora and fauna are found along the mountain slopes. A wildlife sanctuary, spread over 480 sq. kms. was established in 1989 at Shenbagathopu in Srivilliputtur taluk.. This sanctuary is contiguous with the Periyar tiger reserve on the south-western side and the Megamalai reserve forest on the north-western side. The altitude varies from 100m to 2010 m above sea level. The sanctuary is home to the endangered, arboreal grizzled giant squirrel Ratufa macrora. This greyish brown squirrel weighs 1 to 1.8 kg. and is the size of a small cat. It measures about 73.5 cms. from nose to tail with the tail being 36 – 40 cm. long. They construct drays at forked branches where the crowns of neighbouring trees meet. This enables the squirrel to move away from the site by jumping from tree to tree when threatened. The home range of an individual is between 0.197 hectares and 0.611 hectares.

Andal Kovil

    Sri Andal is a great vasishnavite sanities and her pasurams are as popular in Tamil Nadu as "Meera bai's Devotional Songs are in the the north.It is located 74 kms.away from Madurai and 45 kms.away from Virudunagar.Andal like a seetha,is presumed to be not born out of mother's wormb (Ayani Sambhava).

Ayyanar Falls

    At the bottom of the Ghats about 12 kms west of Rajapalayam, there is a temple dedicated to Ayyanar that is very popular as a picnic centre. It is situated in the dense forest with its natural beauty and the small waterfalls dropping from a height of 15 feet, adds to its attraction.

Pilavakkal Dam

    It is 90 kms from Madurai and 45 kms from Virudunagar. The dam consists 2 divisions and they are the Kovilar and Periyar Dam. The capacity of the Periyar dam is 192 mft and Kovilar Dam is 133 mft. From October to December, the dam will be full of water. It is one of the popular picnic spots in Virudunagar district. There is a Children Park with all facilities.

Other Spots :Kamaraj's House

    he house were the great leader kamaraj was born has been converted into a memorial. The rooms are adorned with photographs of the leader at every stage of his life. A few of his clothes, his watch as well as articles used by him are displayed.